Hotpot Combo
After hearing so much helpful advice from our dear customers, we now develop our combos, perfect for a party of one or two. Our combo, for one, is the best match for any quick lunch or dinner. These combos are now our top sellers. We also directly import the grand awards-winning A-5 Wagyu Ribeye, directly from Kagoshima, Japan, by flight, with the most excellent marble texture and incomparable tenderness.
Wagyu Rice Bowl
Our Wagyu Rice Bowl comes with slices of American Wagyu Chuck Roll. Our kitchen slowly cooks the meat and mushroom in a cast iron pot with butter and then covers it with our house's special black pepper sauce, bringing a unique flavor, highly recommended by our chef and guests.
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About us
We want to provide products that carry our appeal: health, energy, and connection to our customers, which is what HE&C stands for. Our Chicken Soup is cooked for eight hours, and we use several aged chickens in our soup base, bringing out the most nutrition, fragrance, and deliciousness for our customers. The rich soup base is also a perfect match with our selection of protein, and the veggies served on the side also enhance our standard to freshness and healthiness. We also have a series of house-designed tea drinks, all milk used is organic, and we use fresh fruits to carry out the concept of having natural ingredients in our tea drinks.
Tea Space
HE&C also offers the supply of high-quality tea. We will progressively enter retail supermarkets for sales

Crafting Beverages

Our tea drinks uses organic milk, fresh fruit, and other highquality ingredients. We are also innovative on offering the most unique flavors that the market never seen before. In addition, we ultize the real fruit to creat the best visul appearance in our drinks. Providing the best tea drink experince for our guest.

Premium Ingredients and Pure Broth

Our priority is to ensure the healthiness and freshness of our food and deliver them to our customers. We build a sound supply chain that provides quality ingredients to us daily. Our kitchen also enforces the highest quality and cleaning standards that ensure the safety of the food.

Impeccable Hospitality

We have a professional team of staff who provide excellent services that best accommodate your dining experience. Our staff will also give the best recommendation based on your dining habits and guide customers who need to become more familiar with hotpot.

Tea Space

Indulge in the exquisite world of premium tea. Carefully selected from top global tea gardens, our teas offer a unique experience of taste and aroma. Whether unwinding after a long day or sharing moments with friends, our high-quality teas promise to fulfill your cravings for flavor and excellence.

Private Dining

We can provide an exclusive private dining environment for special events; our second floor can be your private dining room, capable of hosting thirty guests. We have provided services to large groups and can customize our declarations accordingly, for example, birthday parties, business meetings, and team building.